Raspberry pi USB devices just not working? Are they seen by the pi, yet refuse to do basic functions? Then this article might help you

Recently, I was trying to do a Raspberry project - a tiny travel router. I had both a USB Wifi dongle and an external LTE modem, and both refused to work. They were detected correctly by the driver, but just didn’t connect. I thought it was an OpenWRT issue, but it’s much simpler than that.
Raspberry Pi USB ports just give too little power output. At first I thought “Well my tiny wifi dongle definietly does not take that much power!”. But after some experimenting, I found the core issue.


Use a Powered USB HUB. The HUB needs to have a separate port for power and data. Connect the power port to the plug directly, and the data to the Pi.
This isn’t the cleanest soluton. It leaves a mess of cables. I’m working on improving this to make it more portable, but just know the core issue is USB power.

Thanks for reading