I’ve had some problems with TrueNAS sharing to a Linux desktop system. Here’s how to do it:

  • Login to TrueNAS
  • Go to Accounts > Users > Add
  • Create a dummy user:
  • Make sure Lock User is checked
  • Go to Shell in the TrueNAS dashboard
  • Now make your share directory:
mkdir /path/to/share
  • Set correct permissions:
chown -R your_dummy_username:your_dummy_username /path/to/share
  • Now let’s set up the actual share. Navigate to Sharing > Unix Shares (NFS) > Add
  • Click Save.

Now that the share is created, we need to mount it on our Linux system. Here’s how you do it:

  • Create a directory for the mount point:
sudo mkdir /mnt/truenas
  • Ensure correct permissions: (note: NOT the dummy user, the user you’re currently logged into on your linux system)
sudo chown -R your_system_user:your_system_user /mnt/truenas
  • Edit /etc/fstab to include our network share:
sudo nano /etc/fstab
# append this line to the fstab file:
YOUR_NAS_IP:/path/to/share	/mnt/truenas	nfs	defaults,bg
  • Ensure everything mounts correctly:
sudo mount -a
  • If everything went correct, you should:
    – not see any error messages
    – see your share files under /mnt/truenas (or another directory you picked)
  • Now for the final test, reboot your system. If it boots up and /mnt/truenas shows correctly, you’re done.

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