How to ACTUALLY use AppImage on Linux – AppImageLauncher

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So you may need to use an AppImage for some app. What most tutorials tell you is to chmod the file, then run it from your file manager. This is annoying. Let’s look at a solution – AppImageLauncher

AppImageLauncher lets you install AppImages very easily. When you click an AppImage, the launcher asks you if you want to run it once or integrate into your system. If you choose integrate, it will move it to ~/Applications, and add an app shortcut to your application launcher. It makes it easy to manage AppImages and install them without command line.

Installation of AppImageLauncher is very simple. Go to their github repository and download the correct file for your distribution. For me, Ubuntu on an amd64 system, it is appimagelauncher_2.2.0-travis995.0f91801.bionic_amd64.deb. Once downloaded, double click the file (Make sure to install GDebi or Eddy if you can’t install a deb file by clicking it). That’s it, now you can download any AppImage and it will integrate into your system

AppImageLauncher usage and demo

Maybe while you’re at it – you can try NextCloud, which comes packaged in an AppImage.

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